We are beautiful just the way we are, in our ever-changing bodies. We are moms, surgery survivors, weight-loss warriors, plus-sized queens, busy bees, grey-haired goddesses or just having a bloaty day.

We understand that shapewear CAN be body positive: we just sometimes need a little (or a lot) of help to get that extra oomph in our step, to get our inner light to shine through, to be brave.

And we think there’s no shame in that. No shame in that at all.


QueenChubby was established in 2017 by Melinda A. Elliott, who believe every woman has the right to feel sexy and confident. Her vision is start a revolution: a movement where women have the confidence they need to succeed in their own lives.

QueenChubby encourage women to love their bodies!


QueenChubby -with the help of a community of over 2 million women- are helping more women succeed in life. They feel more beautiful, more sexy, more confident and more happy!


We offer the best shapewear pieces from the world’s top brands in a range of sizes, compression levels and cuts. We know women come in all shapes and types - and we’re prepared for that.

Shopping at QueenChubby means we’ll work with you until you find THE perfect shaper for your body. And don’t worry: exchanges are free.

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